We Need a Break

If you haven’t caught on from my previous post, social media is a huge part of my everyday life. I will read any Chris Brogan or Brian Solis blog post out there. Mashable is my home page at work so each Monday morning I can catch up on all things web-related that happened over the weekend. This field is my passion, my hobby, and slowly, it’s becoming my life.

As much as I live and breathe this field of marketing, I’ve come to realize that even those who are considered “celebrities” in this realm, the individuals that are constantly in the public eye for their social media efforts, all do one very important thing: they each step away from the computer every once in awhile.

Brian Solis, a public relations executive, aut...

Even he takes a break every once in awhile.

Labor Day Weekend was the perfect opportunity for me to take a break from the Macbook and out into life. I mean, that is why we reserve this holiday. I got outside, enjoyed some amazing Georgia fresh air (if you’ve never gotten the chance, to feel it, you’re missing out), and relaxed. And I have to say…it was pretty great.

Although I didn’t do as much as I would’ve liked, and I scored a pretty sweet sunburn, I got to catch up with friends, sleep way too much, and just enjoy life sans the fast-paced and hectic work demands. It was lovely. This break from the interwebs was exactly what I needed.

Now I’m ready to get back to the grind that is the work week feeling more refreshed than ever. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s only a 4-day week!


Taking the Plunge Back Into Blogging

I am a blogger for a living. I create upwards of 40 original blog posts a week for clients all over the nation. I create unique content on a weekly basis, and in my 6 months having been employed in the social media marketing realm have written thousands of blog posts. On paper it would seem that I am well-versed when it comes to the idea generation, creation, and execution of a blog post; this, however, is not the reality of it all.


If you think it's as easy as tapping away on the keys, then you'd be wrong.

This is the first time in months that I have gone anywhere near my personal blog, and even as I am writing this there is some sort of anxiousness that’s there, nagging me, the same feeling that has built up over the past few months.

I’m calling this “blogging anxiety,” though I’m sure someone has already coined the term. Though I’ve created a voice for myself through various channels for others, I am still learning to find mine here on my own personal blog. The longer I stay away and throw myself into my work, the harder it gets to return to my own writing. And the vicious cycle continues!

So this is my own “welcome back” to the blogging medium. You can’t find your voice unless you start looking for it, right?

Keep an eye out for me!

A lot can happen in 2 months

Do I have news for you.

I feel terrible that it’s been so long since I’ve updated this blog. The entire point was to track everything from the beginning onward, but no worries…there haven’t been many changes since my last update.

only kidding.

After just one week at my job I had a friend offer to take over my lease. Great news, except that gave me less than 2 weeks to find an apartment & move. All of this & I’d just started a new job – to say it was overwhelming would be the understatement of the year. Though I felt it was too much at the time, everything has worked out. I’ve moved to the city, I’m pretty much settled into the work routine, and my apartment is starting to feel like home.

Looks like things are working out for me. Guess we’ll have to wait & see.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

So, I’ve done it. I beat the odds & landed a job. Not a dead-end job – a career. I start Monday so I’m trying to enjoy as much bad daytime TV as possible in the morning & wasting my afternoons at the Jittery Joe’s near my apartment.

Though I’ve yet to begin my career (in online marketing – so excited) I’ve already started daydreaming about where my money will go. I’m being reasonable; I know I’ve got to pay off my one credit card (how I managed to only have one & survive, I’ll never know) & I’ll begin paying off my student loans later this year, I just want to reward myself with something special. It will be my welcome to adulthood & the workforce.

Here are some ideas:

#1: Rosetta Stone

I’ve been asked in so many interviews recently, “What are your future goals?” I’m sure they’re referring to career plans, but every time I’m asked I just think about how I’ve always wanted to be conversational in French. I studied the language both in high school & college, but I’ve only retained a few basic phrases. Maybe learning the language would help me towards another future goal: travel outside of the continental U.S.!

#2: A dog!

how cute!

I’ve always been a dog person & I’ve been looking for the right excuse to finally get one. I figure I’ll soon be leaving Athens to live on my own, why not? It can get lonely & who could say no to that little face? I’m aware, my “arguments” aren’t all that convincing. A dog is an investment, not just a frivolous purchase. But who could say no to that face?

#3: A fancy schmancy camera

I’ll be the first to admit that I have no artistic talent whatsoever. This, however, does not mean that I can’t appreciate a nice picture. I am currently happy with my Samsung digital camera but I’m ready for quality pictures. I’ve posted the picture of the Holga as though I know anything about what qualifies as a “good” camera, but at $70 this camera could definitely be a option.

Of course, these are all just ideas. I’m not terribly serious about any of them, but it’s nice to get excited about finally having some disposable income. My next realistic purchase will probably be work clothes, possibly even apartment shopping. For now, I’ll just keep dreaming.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”


Americans have been facing harsh financial times in the past year or so & with the unemployment rate slightly above7%, it’s hard for someone like myself to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am one of the many recent college graduates that are struggling to find a career in this downturn economy. Graduating in December I tried to think, “New year, new possibilities,” but this past month has been very trying.

What I’ve failed to remember is how lucky I am to be able to dedicate myself full-time to finding a career. So many people wish they were in my position and I’ve been taking this for granted.

Instead of torturing myself for not having my dream job just yet, I have decided that while I have a great deal of “free” time, I should do something constructive with it.

I’ve now signed myself up to volunteer forAIDS Athens, a local non-profit that helps those infected with HIV/AIDS and contributes a great deal to educating on prevention of the spread of the disease.

I’m doing this in hopes that not only I can contribute time and effort to a great cause, but also that I may learn to appreciate my situation. Who knows, maybe this will lead to the career I’ve been looking for.

“Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.”

-E. L. Doctorow

I’m a brand new blogger, & I believe this quotation sums up my situation perfectly.

I’m in love with all things social media, & I read Mashable and other social media blogs religiously. What I’ve learned from my immersion into the social media realm is that no matter how much I read about blogging, social networking, and microblogging, I cannot fully appreciate these new forms of media until I’ve given them all a try.

The issue that has kept me from taking the plunge & finally starting this was exactly the direction I would take: will I write about social media? my entrance into the “real” world following graduation? blogs I enjoy? absolutely nothing in particular?

I intend to do all these things. I’ve got a great deal to learn, both about blogging & growing up, but I’ve got to start somewhere. Earning my B.B.A. is what I consider my step into the latter. Now I begin my exploration into the former.

Wish me luck.

I Tweet, You Tweet.

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