Taking the Plunge Back Into Blogging

I am a blogger for a living. I create upwards of 40 original blog posts a week for clients all over the nation. I create unique content on a weekly basis, and in my 6 months having been employed in the social media marketing realm have written thousands of blog posts. On paper it would seem that I am well-versed when it comes to the idea generation, creation, and execution of a blog post; this, however, is not the reality of it all.


If you think it's as easy as tapping away on the keys, then you'd be wrong.

This is the first time in months that I have gone anywhere near my personal blog, and even as I am writing this there is some sort of anxiousness that’s there, nagging me, the same feeling that has built up over the past few months.

I’m calling this “blogging anxiety,” though I’m sure someone has already coined the term. Though I’ve created a voice for myself through various channels for others, I am still learning to find mine here on my own personal blog. The longer I stay away and throw myself into my work, the harder it gets to return to my own writing. And the vicious cycle continues!

So this is my own “welcome back” to the blogging medium. You can’t find your voice unless you start looking for it, right?

Keep an eye out for me!


I Tweet, You Tweet.