A girl can dream, can’t she?

So, I’ve done it. I beat the odds & landed a job. Not a dead-end job – a career. I start Monday so I’m trying to enjoy as much bad daytime TV as possible in the morning & wasting my afternoons at the Jittery Joe’s near my apartment.

Though I’ve yet to begin my career (in online marketing – so excited) I’ve already started daydreaming about where my money will go. I’m being reasonable; I know I’ve got to pay off my one credit card (how I managed to only have one & survive, I’ll never know) & I’ll begin paying off my student loans later this year, I just want to reward myself with something special. It will be my welcome to adulthood & the workforce.

Here are some ideas:

#1: Rosetta Stone

I’ve been asked in so many interviews recently, “What are your future goals?” I’m sure they’re referring to career plans, but every time I’m asked I just think about how I’ve always wanted to be conversational in French. I studied the language both in high school & college, but I’ve only retained a few basic phrases. Maybe learning the language would help me towards another future goal: travel outside of the continental U.S.!

#2: A dog!

how cute!

I’ve always been a dog person & I’ve been looking for the right excuse to finally get one. I figure I’ll soon be leaving Athens to live on my own, why not? It can get lonely & who could say no to that little face? I’m aware, my “arguments” aren’t all that convincing. A dog is an investment, not just a frivolous purchase. But who could say no to that face?

#3: A fancy schmancy camera

I’ll be the first to admit that I have no artistic talent whatsoever. This, however, does not mean that I can’t appreciate a nice picture. I am currently happy with my Samsung digital camera but I’m ready for quality pictures. I’ve posted the picture of the Holga as though I know anything about what qualifies as a “good” camera, but at $70 this camera could definitely be a option.

Of course, these are all just ideas. I’m not terribly serious about any of them, but it’s nice to get excited about finally having some disposable income. My next realistic purchase will probably be work clothes, possibly even apartment shopping. For now, I’ll just keep dreaming.


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