We Need a Break

If you haven’t caught on from my previous post, social media is a huge part of my everyday life. I will read any Chris Brogan or Brian Solis blog post out there. Mashable is my home page at work so each Monday morning I can catch up on all things web-related that happened over the weekend. This field is my passion, my hobby, and slowly, it’s becoming my life.

As much as I live and breathe this field of marketing, I’ve come to realize that even those who are considered “celebrities” in this realm, the individuals that are constantly in the public eye for their social media efforts, all do one very important thing: they each step away from the computer every once in awhile.

Brian Solis, a public relations executive, aut...

Even he takes a break every once in awhile.

Labor Day Weekend was the perfect opportunity for me to take a break from the Macbook and out into life. I mean, that is why we reserve this holiday. I got outside, enjoyed some amazing Georgia fresh air (if you’ve never gotten the chance, to feel it, you’re missing out), and relaxed. And I have to say…it was pretty great.

Although I didn’t do as much as I would’ve liked, and I scored a pretty sweet sunburn, I got to catch up with friends, sleep way too much, and just enjoy life sans the fast-paced and hectic work demands. It was lovely. This break from the interwebs was exactly what I needed.

Now I’m ready to get back to the grind that is the work week feeling more refreshed than ever. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s only a 4-day week!


I Tweet, You Tweet.