Remix Your Blogging Ideas

In the past few months I’ve been mildly obsessed with remixes. A song may be great the first time around, but if you cut it up, remaster it, replan it, remix it, it can become something brand new yet so familiar. Remixes are so much fun, and the thing is, pretty much anything you’ve heard could be made better with one.


A remix could be just what your blog needs.

The idea of remixes reminded me of something that is brought up quite a bit in the blogging world. For those of us out there that write professionally, especially at a high volume, there comes a point when we will revisit old topics. I mean, I write over 40 blog posts a week making it nearly impossible to come up with something completely original each time.

When revisiting old topics, you may occasionally come across a post that you no longer agree with. Trust me, it happens to everyone. Whether your stand on the topic has changed entirely, or you feel that it didn’t really deliver the message you had hoped, this is a common happening for bloggers. But rather than get rid of your original post and start over, why not “remix” it? Here’s what I mean:

  • Write your own rebuttal. If you no longer agree with the content from a post, don’t delete it; simply write a new post touching on the ideas previously stated and tell your audience why you no longer agree with what you’d originally written.
  • Take one aspect of your original piece and develop it further in a new post. This is an excellent idea for those of you that create giant lists at one point or another in your posts. Pick an element from an old post and run with it.
  • Ask  someone to guest post on a topic you’ve previously used. Hey, remixes are even better when they feature new artists, right? Ask your colleagues to chime in, announce the opportunity to the Twitterverse, or even get your mom to tap away at the keys and see what she can come up with. Maybe not the last one, but you get the idea.

Just like songs, a post you’ve written can be given new life with a remix. It will cut down the time it takes you to create a post, and it can be really fun to see how you’ve grown in your writing, especially when you’re doing the rebuttal post. Revisit, remix and get to writing.

You can take my advice, and you should definitely take a listen – enjoy:

(track via The White Panda – get tons of their mash-ups for free at their website

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