Sweet Beard Hat? Check.

Someone, though I don’t know who, really made my day on Monday.

It was the typcial workday: blogathon for hours, meeting here & there, and the usual hiccups in between. But then something unusual happened.

The Admin Assistant to my boss tossed a package on my desk – strange seeing as I have never received a package in the 7 months I’ve worked at my job. I opened it up to find the most amazing thing ever:


Sweet beard, bro.

I had tweeted a few weeks ago that I absolutely love everything taraduff has created for her Etsy shop, especially these awesome beard hats! All it took was one tweet, and a Facebook update, and bam! – I have a new hat.

So, to whomever gifted me this wonderful beanie I just wanted to say:

thank you.


I Tweet, You Tweet.